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Preconstruction Services

Preconstruction planning lets you build confidently

Children's Wisconsin construction project site

Experience and data make the difference in the preconstruction process 

In a time of tight budgets and high expectations, “done as projected” needs to be the new norm. You need the right preconstruction services partner who can get your project right from the start. We provide precise estimates so you can make upfront decisions, identify challenges and risks early and mitigate issues before they cost you. The goal: Ensure vision and constructability align.

Preconstruction planning that sets you up for success

Take the guesswork out of construction. Boldt’s preconstruction phase services are designed to ensure project success from day one. Scheduling that meets your business goals. Precision estimating that goes beyond historic costs and looks toward future market and labor conditions. Constructability reviews for efficiency and value.

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Construction Cost Estimating

If you want budget certainty, you need more data. Boldt starts with a solid system for estimating construction project costs, supplementing our own cost database with third-party data from both leading national and local firms, combined with information directly from suppliers and trade partners. We continuously update estimates throughout design, using leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools to deliver fast, accurate estimates and quantity take-offs.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Imagine seeing what can be right from the start. Boldt’s in-house BIM and Virtual Design & Construction services help plan and visualize your entire project for maximum clarity. By combining our model with those of our trade partners, we can check for design gaps and fix system clashes—before construction—to avoid costly issues in the field.

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Constructability Reviews

As builders, we bring valuable construction thinking and know-how to the design process. As an early, collaborative partner, we use our builder’s lens to ensure that designs are buildable and efficient, avoiding costly delays and redesigns down the line.

Site Selection

Where you build is as important as what you build. As your partner in preconstruction, we’ll help you check soil conditions, verify regulatory and zoning requirements and ensure the feasibility of a selected site.

preconstruction services - site selection: aerial view of medical building and surrounding area
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Target Value Design

In a traditional approach, an owner selects a partner who designs the project. Then, a general contractor bids based on the designs. If the project bid is over budget, it may be sent back and desired elements cut to reduce cost. This leads to longer design times and frustration for clients. With Target Value Design, Boldt works with the owner and designer to establish the project budget, and then provides continuous estimating throughout design. This keeps the design constantly in alignment with the budget, meaning faster design schedules and letting you keep valued design elements.

Project Scheduling

Building extraordinary projects is more than raising beams. It takes the right partner to plan a seamless schedule—from trade partner availability and material procurement to deadlines, permitting and even matching construction with your organization’s cash flow. Boldt’s approach to project scheduling means reliable milestone deadlines, work that doesn’t stop and delivery of the most value for your vision.

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Completed as Planned, with Boldt Preconstruction Services

To deliver visions and value for customers and communities over the last 130+ years, Boldt ensures every project has one thing in common: true partnership. Boldt’s preconstruction team works closely with project owners to develop a clear understanding of what project success looks like, and then brings to the table trusted trade partner experts to deliver innovative solutions that drive project value. Backed by extensive experience and cutting-edge technology — that’s preconstruction done right.

Invested in your project from preconstruction to completion

Envision a project that’s delivered as estimated—no unexpected costs or unwanted scope changes. That’s what you get when your preconstruction services company builds boldly.


Conceptual estimating with third-party validation

budget cycle

Self-perform expertise to validate costs

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Lean construction expertise for maximum efficiency


Established track record of pinpoint-precise estimates

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Full range of in-house Building Information Modeling (BIM) services

Ready for a construction company with leading edge preconstruction services? Let’s talk.