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Central Utility Plant Construction

Power what matters most with your central energy plant

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Central Utility Plants put energy independence in your hands

Your Central Utility Plant (CUP) is the lifeblood of your campus—keeping the lights on, your facilities warm and the air conditioned. As the drive toward energy sustainability continues, campuses need a Central Energy Plant construction partner who understands how to deliver reliable, energy-efficient systems that meet emissions standards and keep you running—for today and tomorrow.

Central Utility Plant construction
central utility plant - interior view

Central Utility Plant (CUP) construction

Building a new Central Utility Plant for your higher education, healthcare, industrial or municipal campus is a significant undertaking. As a national integrated power builder, Boldt has the expertise and knowledge to lead you through the process, from preconstruction to trade partner selection, equipment installation and construction through commissioning. We’ll get you up, running and on the road to energy independence.

Utility upgrades and conversion
central utility plant - crane lifting mobile boiler Milwaukee Regional Medical Center – Thermal Power Plant

Existing utility upgrades and conversion

Your systems need to be in near-continuous operation to ensure your facilities can perform. Boldt partners with private and public enterprises to modernize utilities, from control system upgrades to complete plant fuel conversion. Our technical construction experts help ensure your facilities meet modern and future standards for emissions controls and energy efficiency, without disrupting your operations

Combined heat and power
central utility plant piping University of Notre Dame – Long Range Utilities Plan

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

More industrial, commercial and institutional enterprises are looking to combined heat and power (CHP) for efficiencies that traditional energy services just can’t provide. Boldt is experienced in replacing traditional systems with CHP technologies that help reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

Maintenance and shutdowns
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Maintenance shutdowns

Maintenance shutdowns are a necessary part of keeping your critical equipment in top operating shape. Such disruptions to operations need to be performed efficiently. Boldt is an expert at executing such events. Our experienced crews can be on-site quickly to perform emergency repairs, routine preventative maintenance and shutdown planning and management. Keep your equipment delivering the products that drive your bottom line with Boldt.

Central Utility Plant Walk - Boldt employee wearing vest walking away from camera on catwalk

Experience the power of a true partner in energy plant construction

It takes a true partner to fuel campuses into the future. From higher education and healthcare to industrial and municipal facilities, clients across a range of markets trust Boldt to build, renovate, convert, retrofit and replace major central utilities and associated control technologies. Our technical acumen, construction and operational experience make Boldt the partner clients trust.

Central utility plant construction, reenergized

From preconstruction through commissioning and beyond, Boldt helps you build, convert, retrofit and maintain reliable, energy-efficient central energy plants that reduce your carbon footprint.

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