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Healthcare Construction

Delivering best-in-class care requires best-in-class medical construction

Akron Children's Hospital Lobby, Atrium and Stairwell with Outdoor Views - Completed Healthcare Construction

Healthcare construction on the front line of innovative care

Population shifts. Medical breakthroughs. Emerging technology. Patient experience. Healthcare changes rapidly to meet the needs of a changing world. The industry needs healthcare construction services that can build facilities which help meet today’s challenges and what comes next.

Services overview
Healthcare Construction Management - Finished Product Exterior View

Achieve your vision

From new hospital construction to modular medical buildings, regional and national healthcare organizations tap Boldt to bring a new standard of care to construction. Moving innovative solutions forward, faster. Finding ways to deliver—while minimizing disruption for patients, staff or visitors—and maximizing budgets, without sacrificing safety, design intent, value or return on investment.

Acute care / Hospitals
Children's Hospital Aerial View of Building Exterior and Site Children’s Wisconsin – West Bed Tower

Acute care / Hospital construction

Acute care hospitals to support active, short-term treatment. Teaching hospitals to advance better health outcomes through research and learning. Micro-hospitals to support effective, quality care and promote critical healthcare access to rural communities. Boldt helps you build new hospitals and renovate existing structures for state-of-the-art healthcare solutions to meet myriad medical needs.

Ambulatory care
Healthcare Construction - Interior Design at the Mankato Clinic Mayo Clinic Health System – Mankato Hospital

Ambulatory care construction

From ambulatory surgery center construction for elective procedures to skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility construction, Boldt brings healthcare expertise to every project. We deliver exceptional ambulatory care facilities so you can deliver state-of-the-art patient care and convenience. Working alongside healthcare design teams, Boldt helps open new doors to what’s possible in healthcare construction.

Medical office buildings
Aurora Health Center - Pleasant Prairie - Building Exterior Aurora Health Care – Aurora Health Center – Pleasant Prairie

Medical office building construction

Modern medical office buildings are an essential component of healthcare, built to accommodate multiple, diverse healthcare services under one roof. For every project, Boldt pairs medical construction experience with building innovation to identify the most efficient, cost-effective method for supporting staff needs and delivering a patient-centered experience.

Medical research facilities
Finished healthcare construction project at University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison – Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research

Medical research facility construction

Breakthrough medical discoveries and life-saving technologies start with the right medical research facility—one built to accommodate multi-departmental programs and equipment, so staff can conduct critical research rapidly. Boldt brings expertise in medical research facility construction, including research labs, imaging equipment installation and vivarium construction.

Pharmacy / Healthcare laboratories
Sutter Health - CPMC Van Ness Campus - Laboratory Construction Sutter Health – CPMC Van Ness Campus Hospital

Pharmacy / Healthcare lab construction

To advance speed and accuracy in patient care, pharmacists and healthcare professionals need dedicated laboratories where they can screen for disease, diagnose medical conditions and monitor patient health. Boldt’s experience extends from histology laboratories to pharmacy renovations that meet USP standards.

Specialty medical centers
Universal Health Services - Sierra Vista Construction Universal Health Services – Sierra Vista Hospital

Specialty medical center construction

Healthcare is evolving to delivering more patient-centered care. Specialty medical center design and construction must follow. From behavioral healthcare construction to world-class cancer centers, Boldt offers state-of-the-art medical construction management and contracting to meet changing healthcare needs.

Prefabrication / Modular
Healthcare Construction Management - Modular Construction Service Aurora Medical Center – Grafton

Prefabricated hospital and modular medical building construction

In a rapidly evolving industry, prefabricated and modular healthcare buildings meet the need for accelerated speed-to-market—with predictable timelines, budgets, quality and safety. Boldt is a national leader in prefabrication and modular buildings for healthcare organizations, providing innovative modular solutions for a range of applications. Learn more about Boldt prefabrication and modular construction.

Central Utility Plants
Healthcare Construction Management - Milwaukee Regional Medical Center – Thermal Power Plant

Central Utility Plant construction

Central Utility/Energy Plants (CUPs) are the workhorse of your entire campus. They require complex technical construction expertise; merging design, engineering, construction and heavy equipment installation to deliver reliable, efficient energy that meets environmental requirements and supports operations—from power to plumbing. Boldt specializes in central utility/energy plant construction solutions to help healthcare campuses optimize their energy utilization.

Proton / Particle therapy centers
Healthcare Construction - Equipment Installation at Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic – Rochester Proton Beam Therapy Equipment Installation

Proton and particle therapy center construction

Proton / particle therapy centers help keep cancer treatment on the leading edge. A leader in cancer center construction, Boldt brings experience in construction of proton therapy buildings, including the lead-lined vaults required to safely perform this treatment. Proton therapy equipment manufacturers, including Hitachi®, count on Boldt for installation of this highly sensitive equipment, getting needed cancer care to patients faster.

Among healthcare construction companies, Boldt is a true partner

We thrive on simplifying the complex. That’s why we bring together construction, design and trade partners, medical professionals, patients and building users, to create a seamless building process with patient care at its core. We take what we’ve learned over decades of healthcare construction experience to drive waste out of projects, providing greater price transparency and reliability. A top U.S. Contractor in Design Build and Integrated Project Delivery, Boldt is a true partner throughout the construction process. 

Medical construction, reimagined

Imagine medical construction where “done on time” is the norm. That’s what you get with Boldt, a healthcare construction services company that prioritizes your needs.

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“It is really a blessing to have partners who care about the kids that we serve and care about the community in equal parts.”

– Sam Green, Executive Director of Portfolio Integration for Children’s Wisconsin

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