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Construction Delivery Methods

Challenging one-size-fits-all construction project delivery

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True partnership in construction project delivery

Cost overruns. Incomplete construction documents. Endless change orders. Traditional “hard-bid” and “design-bid-build” construction delivery models have plagued project owners with poor-quality work and surprise costs, long after bid day. Owners are increasingly turning to alternative approaches that build true owner-designer-contractor-trade partner collaboration, for higher value.

Choosing the right construction project delivery method for the job

Selecting the right project delivery method for your project largely comes down to the nature of your project and the right balance between risk and control. No matter the construction delivery method you choose, we make the same commitment to you: Collaborate. Innovate. Be the partner you deserve.

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Construction manager at risk (CMAR)

Often selected alongside, shortly after or even prior to the architect, as your Construction Manager, Boldt uses our builders’ insight, technical expertise and experience to ensure designs are constructable and cost effective, both to build and operate. By involving Boldt early in the project design, we add value and innovation to your construction project, meaning you never have to sacrifice quality or safety for cost. As Construction Manager, Boldt holds trade contracts and, instead of a lump sum bid, delivers under a Guaranteed Maximum Price for peace of mind and certainty, preconstruction through closeout.

Design-build construction

Design-build services bring a collaborative lens to construction project delivery—with early collaboration between designer and contractor, giving a contractor direct input and cost forecasting during the design process. Working side-by-side, your design-build team anticipates challenges and develops value-added ideas and solutions throughout the design process. When Boldt begins work with you and your design team early in the process, we bring ideas and value to your project. Our goal: Ensure you don’t have to sacrifice your vision for safety or cost. Whether your design-build construction project pairs Boldt with an outside design firm or our architects and engineers, you get a true partner and national leader to build your vision.

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Integrated project delivery (IPD)

Integrated project delivery, or IPD, is most notably used within the healthcare construction industry, but is now rapidly gaining popularity with other project owners—especially those with large or complex projects. A true IPD project binds the contractor, architect and key trade partners into a single entity, using an Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA). Together, they work and act as one, alongside the owner and end users. IPD success requires teams to use individual expertise to collaboratively study and solve problems, sharing in both risk and reward. As one of the largest integrated project delivery contractors in the nation, Boldt’s experience with IPD contracts, its innovative Integrated Lean Project Delivery® method and commitment to collaborative construction delivery, make us the ideal IPD partner.

Construction manager as agent (CMA)

As your Construction Manager as Agent (CMA), Boldt acts as your construction advisor and legal advocate throughout bidding, buyout and construction. With the CMAR approach, Boldt coordinates bidding and contract awards. Unlike CMAR, the owner holds all trade contracts and the construction manager self-performs no trades.

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Value and efficiency for every construction delivery method

With Boldt, no matter what construction project delivery method you choose for your project, you get a true partner in construction. We base every decision, from day one through project closeout, on maximizing efficiency and providing the best value. Greater collaboration between trusted partners. Better budget control. Innovative solutions. That’s the Boldt construction delivery difference.

Innovation. Collaboration. Efficiency. That’s construction project delivery done boldly.

No matter which construction delivery method you choose, you’ll experience a new type of construction partner in Boldt.

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Expertise to execute all project delivery methods

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Relationship-first collaboration for better outcomes

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National leaders in integrated project delivery and lean construction

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Innovative problem-solving to achieve vision

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Experience across industries

Ready to learn more about construction project delivery methods with a company that builds boldly? Let’s talk.