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Integrated Lean Project Delivery®

Integrated project delivery, lean construction practices

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Predictable outcomes, built where IPD construction and Lean construction meet

Cost overruns. Incomplete construction documents. Endless change orders. Project owners are increasingly searching for alternative approaches that foster designer-contractor-trade partner collaboration, delivering true value. The construction industry is ready for revolutionary thinking to solve age-old problems. The answer: Integrated Lean Project Delivery, or ILPD.

ILPD: An integrated project delivery method, delivered exclusively by Boldt

Imagine the up-front collaboration of integrated project delivery and the waste-reducing principles of Lean construction. The exclusive Boldt process is a marriage of methods that ensures open, honest teamwork around a common vision. Getting everyone on the project team to understand a problem and explore solutions. Focusing efforts on eliminating waste, at every step in the process.  

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Early stakeholder involvement

To drive true design efficiency, you need the input of the people putting the work in place—your contractors and trade partners. Bringing a select group of trusted trade partners onto the team early creates new opportunities for synergy. Designing more efficient systems. Improving accuracy of estimating. Creating opportunities for value-enhancement, not just value-engineering. When your project requires strong teams and better outcomes, early stakeholder engagement helps drive peak performance.  

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Collaboration and goal setting

At the heart of any successful ILPD or IPD project is the collaboration and free exchange of ideas between partners. Boldt builds an environment where teams align around your project goals—pulling in the same direction, so true collaboration can occur. The outcome: innovative solutions to project challenges. Uncovered cost-saving opportunities. New efficiencies in scheduling, for faster speed to market.

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Shared risks and rewards with an Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA)

The Integrated Form of Agreement, or IFOA, contract binds the project owner, architect and primary contractor into a three-party agreement—in a single contract. Parties share equally in the project risks and rewards via a saved cost-sharing program. An IFOA breaks down traditional silos where team members focus only on their own portion of the project and instead prioritize collaboration and communication. With an IFOA contract, everyone wins and loses together, incentivizing the team to win!

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Lean construction principles

Integral to our ILPD process are Lean management principles. First pioneered by leading manufacturing companies to improve efficiency, Boldt helped lead adoption of Lean’s waste-reducing practices into construction, improving quality, speed of delivery and value. When combined with an IPD contract’s collaborative approach, designers, owners and builders work together, aligned toward shared goals, to eliminate waste and improve project outcomes.

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IPD collaboration, lean construction efficiency

ILPD construction is designed to do one thing: Improve project outcomes. With waste-reducing principles of Lean, count on consistent quality, improved productivity and increased value. With collaboration and IPD construction practices, you get improved communication, innovative solutions and more efficient planning. Together, they form a powerful delivery system for reliably better, faster, safer and more cost-effective construction.

Lean, integrated project delivery—it’s how we were born to build.

When innovation is in your DNA, you’re built to bring the best approaches forward. That’s what you get with Boldt. ILPD experts solving every need. 

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