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Food and Beverage Construction

At the forefront of food and beverage construction

Aerial view of production facility site done by a food and beverage construction company

Raising standards in food and beverage construction

Shifting demands. Fierce competition. Stricter safety protocols. Food processing and manufacturing moves fast. From agile operations to innovative lines, the industry needs facilities that are ready for the future of food and beverage. Call on Boldt to be your food and beverage construction company.

Food and beverage construction overview
Beer Bottling Line after Beverage Plant Construction

Tap innovative solutions

From meat processing and beverage plant projects to dairy, bakery and pet food processing, Boldt provides a future-focused approach. Collaborating to move safe solutions to market, faster. Completing complex equipment installations with minimal disruption. Self-performing to maximize budgets, timelines and results across beverage and food construction projects.

Meat / Plant-based protein processing
Salm Partners Meat Processing Plant - Aerial View as Construction Crane Lifts Equipment into Place Salm Partners

Meat processing plant construction

Food safety and sanitary measures are essential with meat processing plant construction, especially when working within an existing meat processing plant. For more than 80 years, Boldt has been delivering meat processing plant construction projects of all sizes—including in the emerging plant-based / sustainable protein market—helping our clients renovate, expand, maintain and manage equipment installation in some of their most sensitive facilities—on time, on budget and with a focus on collaborative construction delivery.

Beverage plants
MillerCoors 10th Street Brewery Construction MillerCoors – 10th Street Brewery

Beverage plant construction

Clean-in-place, dosing, refrigeration, sanitation, bottling, packaging, monitoring; if you want a beverage processing plant that runs at max efficiency, you need a turnkey construction approach—backed by decades of experience. From new dairy filtration and cold storage facilities to brewery equipment installs, beverage companies tap Boldt to reach peak performance.

Dairy plants
Milk Specialties Global Dairy Plant Construction with Process Piping and Urethane Flooring Milk Specialties Global

Dairy plant construction

Boldt grew up in America’s dairyland and has long since built a reputation for reliability, safety and innovative, collaborative construction delivery with dairy producers of all sizes. From intake and filtration, to warehouses and freezers, our portfolio and technical expertise makes Boldt a valuable construction partner in dairy plant construction, maintenance and equipment installation.

Pet food processing
Freshpet - Project Snoopy Site Under Construction Freshpet – Project Snoopy

Pet food plant construction

Modern pet food processing plants need to meet changing consumer demands for higher-quality products. From new plants to preventive maintenance, our approach elevates traditional pet food plant construction to meet market demands, with quality and reliability that set a different pace.

Fresh pack / Frozen / Snack foods
Freshpack Food Processing Plant Construction Rendering Confidential Client – Freshpack Facility

Fresh-pack, frozen and snack food plant construction

When the world demands ready-to-eat, you have to be ready to deliver. With technical and self-perform capabilities, we push construction norms to boost production and return on investment—from conveyor installs and equipment alignment to state-of-the-art snack food plant construction.

Collaborative, innovative construction

Envision every food and beverage project starting with innovation. Where schedules are certain, costs are controlled and “state-of-the-art” is always constructable. That’s why producers of all sizes, from local processors to Fortune 500 producers, tap Boldt as their food and beverage construction company of choice. Proven problem-solving. Innovation at every step. Collaboration that feeds new ideas and builds with confidence—without interrupting flow.

Food and Beverage Worker Operating Machine in Plant

The right ingredients for extraordinary construction

When you’ve been a food and beverage construction company food processing and manufacturing construction since World War II, you pick up a thing or two. With Boldt, you get the power of a true partner—an integrated team at the table early, because we know that the best ideas come from having the right minds in the room. Whatever the project, expect flexible food and beverage solutions that help you respond to market needs faster—from a construction company that builds boldly.

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Turnkey approach to project delivery

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National design-build leaders

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Engineering, hoisting, rigging and leveling services

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Extensive Self-perform capabilities

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Industry and FSMA regulatory compliance expertise

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