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Municipal and Public Sector Construction

Building the places where public service thrives

Will Rogers World Airport covered entrance/exit for passenger drop-off and pick-up

Municipal construction investments that pay dividends

Shifting demographics. Budget uncertainty. A move toward more flexible work arrangements. Municipalities and local governments are rethinking how their current metropolitan build can tackle issues like recruitment, relocation and restructuring. With limited resources and budget, you need a partner who can fill in the gaps and help you welcome new ways to serve your communities.

Municipal construction overview

Village of Egg Harbor - Library and Community Center

Building to promote the public good

Town halls and libraries. Police and fire stations. Health and wellness centers. Now, more than ever, communities need places and spaces that promote the public good—from health and safety to education and learning. Boldt brings a track record of performance across a range of construction delivery methods, including public-private partnerships. When your community has a need for space that serves the local community, we’re here to help find a way to build it.

Administrative buildings
Town of Ledgeview Municipal Building Exterior View of Building with Stairway Walk-up Town of Ledgeview Municipal Building

Administrative buildings and city hall construction

Government and municipal building construction centralizes administrative services and puts state-of-the-art equipment and facilities into the public realm, creating buildings and spaces that better serve the community. From historic renovations to building new on a greenfield site, Boldt ensures administrative building and city hall projects address essential needs with clear communication, responsibly managed budgets and creative problem-solving.

Library construction project Natomas Unified School District – Paso Verde K-8 School

Library construction

Library projects not only inspire, but they also invest in the future and create community cornerstones where people from all walks can gather. From new buildings to renovations and expansions, Boldt library construction projects maximize the value of your investment and bring your vision for community-building to life.

Police and fire stations
Huntley Fire Protection District Fire Station Construction Project Exterior Huntley Fire Protection District – Station No. 1

Police and fire station construction

Communities are only as safe as the slowest response. That’s why police and fire station construction must consider a unique range of factors. From a fire station’s vehicle sizes and living quarters to a police station’s office spaces and community areas, Boldt builds police and fire station facilities that make every second count so you can put your focus where it’s needed most: serving and protecting your community.

Veterans hospitals
US Department of Veterans Affairs - Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital Interior - Surgical Suite with Stryker Medical Equipment US Department of Veteran Affairs – Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

VA hospital construction

Today’s VA hospital construction rises to a new standard in veteran patient care. For more than a decade, Boldt has worked on projects across the U.S. with the Veterans Administration and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The result: state-of-the-art new, upgraded and renovated facilities that advance veteran care. From catheterization labs to acute surgery departments, infection control, spinal cord injury care and new/redesigned HVAC systems, Boldt delivers projects to even the most stringent regulatory codes.

Wellness centers
Ripon College - Storzer Athletic & Wellness Center Fitness Center with Treadmills and Basketball Courts Ripon College – Storzer Athletic & Wellness Center

Wellness center construction

Healthy communities are thriving communities. From medical fitness equipment installation to construction of pools, childcare facilities and gymnasiums, Boldt understands how the built environment promotes health and wellness in your community. That’s why Boldt wellness center construction is designed to help you build healthier communities, while maximizing your investment.

metropolitan build - Interior view of firetrucks and building doors

Stewards of public trust and finances in municipal construction

In a time when taxpayer trust is on the line, when your mission remains to serve the public good, it’s time for a partner who shares your goals. Reliable project timelines and budgets. Value at every turn. Your vision achieved, with integrity, to support a thriving community.

A builder’s mindset, a sustainable construction company’s commitment

Envision a metropolitan build with public sector spaces that work for the public good. That’s possible when your partner is Boldt, the municipal contractor that finds a way to deliver what you need.

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Early involvement with stakeholders 

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Proven problem-solving to maximize budget 

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Commitment to building a diverse workforce 

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Sustainable construction and LEED® certification 

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Transparent, responsible construction practices  

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