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Business Leaders

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Tom Boldt

Chief Executive Officer

Representing Boldt’s fourth generation of family leadership, Tom Boldt stands as the bridge between a groundbreaking past and a rich, exciting future. A long-time visionary and committed leader, Tom embraced revolutionary philosophies like sustainable building and continuous improvement discipline as they entered the public consciousness and building industry conversations.

Tom remains deeply dedicated to providing Boldt customers with unparalleled safety, creativity and exceptional value as they build to achieve their business goals. And that dedication is evident throughout Boldt’s construction landscape.

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Holly Lifke

Chief Human Resources Officer & Executive Vice President

As executive vice president of human resources, Holly leads our human resources strategy. She oversees talent management, succession planning, performance management, process development and improvement, training and development, organizational effectiveness, compensation and benefits and labor relations.

She also plays a critical role as a member of the strategic planning team, helping shape the future of human resources to align with all organizational strategies, like making sure Boldt achieves and promotes a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

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Dave Kievet


As president, Dave sets corporate direction and provides leadership to all operating groups and offices nationwide.

Dave has worked the last 20 years to develop, implement and integrate Lean concepts for project delivery, as well as innovative contracting strategies like Boldt’s Integrated Lean Project Delivery® approach. With over 32+ years of construction experience, Dave brings deep knowledge across market sectors, from healthcare to heavy industrial.

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Beth Melchi

Business Development Director—National Healthcare

In her role, Beth works to grow and develop relationships with prospective and current healthcare clients nationwide, helping position Boldt as the builder of choice for large and regional healthcare systems. She brings more than 30+ years of operational experience in healthcare, leading complex construction projects for several major healthcare systems.

Her experience with clients gives her unique insight into the challenges  healthcare providers face, and how Boldt can help meet their needs.

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Stacy Robben

Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President

Stacy leads enterprise business development and marketing initiatives, focusing on client development, brand strategy and positioning. She oversees company strategies, communication and creative marketing efforts to drive innovation and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Over the past 28 years, Stacy has held business development and marketing positions at leading professional service firms in the built environment. She has a pulse on the current construction market and knows how to strategically use that insight to build strong relationships and drive growth in Boldt’s key market segments.

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Ben Bruns

General Manager—Northern Operations & Executive Vice President

Ben leads office and field operations, as well as business development initiatives, for the Wisconsin offices in Green Bay, Appleton and Stevens Point. Ben brings over two decades of knowledge and experience in business development, jobsite project management and engineering.

Under Ben’s leadership Boldt continues to emphasize innovation, Lean fundamentals, continuous improvement and an uncompromising focus on safety. He has been instrumental in bringing Boldt’s STAAT MOD® ICU modular solution to the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Karen Carr

Business Development Director

Based in Boldt’s Sacramento office, Karen works to develop and nurture relationships with clients, partners and suppliers in the greater Sacramento area. The entirety of Karen’s 25+-year career has been in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, covering the construction management, engineering and architectural spheres. This diversity of experience gives her unique insight into the needs of Boldt’s clients.

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Jay Grosskopf

General Manager—Technical Services & Executive Vice President

Jay leads Boldt Technical Services, backed by more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry. He leads Boldt’s in-house team of architects and engineers, providing design and construction technology services to our operating groups and partners, as well as design, programming and design management services to our clients. Since joining Boldt in 1988, Jay has delivered many successful projects with the highest level of client satisfaction.

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John Heck

General Manager—National Power and Industrial & Executive Vice President

John leads Boldt’s National Power and Industrial division, overseeing operations for some of our most technical and specialized projects, nationwide. With more than 35+ years of experience with Boldt, John brings a depth and diversity of experience in construction, and a strong reputation for promoting internal continuous improvement and achieving consistent client satisfaction.

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Jake Ruatti

Chief Financial Officer

Jake leads Boldt’s finance and information technology departments. He also manages the audit committee, adds oversight for treasury and is a trustee of the retirement plans.

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Emily Haupt

Vice President of Talent Strategies

As the Vice President of Talent Strategies, Emily develops Boldt’s talent roadmap focused on attracting, developing, and retaining the industry’s top talent. With a strong business sense, combined with a communication and corporate talent development background, she provides the elevated level of expertise needed to oversee a dynamic and diverse strategic plan. Her unique professional background helps develop a sustainable workplace environment that educates, engages, encourages inclusive behaviors, and motivates Boldt’s complex workforce.

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Doug Dulin

Vice President of Operational Excellence

Doug is responsible for our Operational Excellence program along with continued development of the Boldt Business System, which includes our Management System, Operating and People Systems.  A multi-talented leader with an exemplary track record in both manufacturing and healthcare industries, Doug enables our operating groups to deliver consistent, high-quality projects with drastically reduced time and material waste over industry standards. Focused on developing transformational thinking, Doug helps to drive sustainable results that enable profitable growth, while intensifying the customer experience.

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Jeff Shipley

President of Southern and Western Operations

Jeff leads Boldt’s southern and western operating groups, providing leadership to teams in our Oklahoma, Michigan, Sacramento and San Francisco offices. Jeff has proven to be a strong resource, especially to Boldt’s industrial and automotive clients—where his hands-on approach to leadership and responsibility, industry knowledge, and passion for safety, disciplined project controls and Lean construction practices set Boldt apart.

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Jake Garro

General Manager—Real Estate Division & Executive Vice President

Before joining Boldt, Jake was the director of a national healthcare real estate development firm, where he oversaw all project finance and development activities. Today he brings that wealth of experience to our customers as a leader of Boldt’s real estate development group.

At Boldt, Jake concentrates on project development, business development, strategic planning for our healthcare real estate business and real estate portfolio assessment and analysis. He uses his skill, knowledge and creativity to help clients solve complex problems and create new opportunities through the development and financing of healthcare properties.

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Todd Pingel

Vice President of Information Technology

Since 1981 Todd has helped Boldt keep pace with the many developments in digital technology. Over the years, Todd has been responsible for business application analysis development, web application analysis and development, video conferencing technology, cybersecurity, voice and data communications network, and data analytics. Today, Todd partners with all levels of the organization to develop, implement, and execute an organization-wide IT vision and strategy that optimizes employee capabilities, achieves Boldt’s strategic objectives, and delivers a competitive advantage.

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Kerry Beck

Business Development Director

Kerry develops and nurtures key relationships with clients, partners and suppliers in the greater Milwaukee/Madison regions and throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Kerry brings to her role at Boldt 20+ years of experience generating and building relationships across markets—including construction, healthcare, industrial, education and commercial. Most recently, Kerry served as the director employer business development for a top-ranked healthcare management services firm.

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Mark Nolta

Vice President of Corporate Estimating

Mark joined Boldt as Vice President of Corporate Estimating and Preconstruction with 36 years of varied experience in estimating, structural engineering, design coordination, and construction administration. In his current role, he facilitates excellence in estimating and preconstruction services across Boldt’s operations.  This includes management of a core team of individuals ready to support all Operating Groups.  Mark works with project teams to prepare the deliverables required to set projects up for success. This includes all aspects of construction costs, material availability, document and constructability review, subcontractor scope and experience evaluation, construction schedules and logistics.  He also oversees implementation of all technology used during Preconstruction, especially VDC.

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Jeff Niesen

Executive Vice President of Strategic Projects

Jeff is responsible for overall business leadership, including pre-construction, construction management, value engineering, planning, contract administration and safety programs. He works with the project principal, integrated teams and all areas of his staff to make sure we are delivering projects to maximum satisfaction for each owner.

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Scott Clark

Vice President of Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development for Boldt’s National Power and Industrial group, Scott is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of national sales and marketing activities within the industrial, power and manufacturing sectors. As part of the Boldt leadership team since 2005, Scott possesses a unique understanding of the business side of construction and design. His expertise includes the exploration and development of key-market growth strategies and understanding emerging technologies as they relate to Boldt clients and their opportunities. Through Scott’s involvement in various industry market sector groups he has developed a keen awareness of owner advocacy issues.

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Robbie Danko

Business Development Director

As Director of Business Development, Robbie Danko brings a client-focused hospitality background, which includes experience with private real estate development, to grow Boldt’s presence in Minnesota and western Wisconsin—activating new customers and cultivating existing relationships.

Robbie has led high-performing teams for 20+ years, from multi-site operations management and sales and marketing leadership to overseeing client relationships for stability and growth. Robbie also develops business strategies to optimize the Boldt suite of construction services for clients. This includes focus areas like manufacturing, healthcare, higher education and renewable energy.

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Will Lichtig

Chief of Staff & Executive Vice President

Will is a nationally recognized leader in the Lean and integrated project delivery methods. He has been at the forefront in developing our Integrated Lean Project Delivery® (ILPD) process. His drive for innovation and reliable commitment to continuous improvement, lean processes and problem solving make Will a vital member of the Boldt team.

Will works with Boldt teams to develop and implement Lean processes for target value design, lean production planning and control, built-in quality, lean problem-solving and other innovative approaches to project delivery. Will shares his experience and lean project delivery knowledge to coach Boldt project leaders on the skills required to implement these innovative methods.

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Colleen Murphy

Business Development Director

As Director of Business Development for the Chicago office, Colleen positions Boldt for new opportunities through relationship building, effective networking and strategic partnerships across the Midwest. She is a true client advocate and trusted advisor to professionals throughout the architectural, engineering and construction industry.

As a Chicago native, Colleen has held business development and marketing positions at leading professional service firms in Chicago for 20+ years. She has an extraordinary knack for connecting people to build effective partnerships. Colleen’s passion for relationship building—combined with effective communication skills—drives her to raise the bar in building trust and integrity across the country.

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Tony Meeuwsen

Director of Business Development

With an impressive background in the construction industry spanning over two decades, Tony Meeuwsen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Business Development Director.

Tony has a proven track record of developing and nurturing client relationships, driving successful business outcomes. His deep understanding of the industry and his ability to identify opportunities allows him to position projects for success. His strong leadership skills and innovative approach contribute to our client-centered culture, fostering trust and integrity. Tony’s passion for business development, combined with his exceptional communication and networking abilities, make him a trusted advisor and a valuable asset to our clients.

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Steve Schultz

General Manager—Minnesota Operations & Executive Vice President

Steve leads Boldt’s operations and office locations in Minnesota, backed by 30+ years of construction experience with the Boldt Company. His collaborative approach and deep roots in the industry keep him close to his projects. Steve excels at people development, collaboration and fostering strong customer relationships—preparing others to perform at the highest levels.

While his experience covers a variety of market sectors, Steve has built a strong reputation for guiding his team to deliver complex, multi-faceted healthcare projects and proton equipment installations.

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Jim Kleinfeldt

President—Real Estate Division

Jim oversees Boldt’s real estate development activities. He is a licensed attorney and our in-house development expert, specializing in healthcare and higher education. His responsibilities include at-risk development, financial feasibility, ownership structuring and alternatives, and real estate portfolio assessment and analysis.

Jim also leads Boldt’s ESOP/ MSOP Ownership Transition and is a member of the Board of Directors.

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Linda Rosati

Business Development Director—Automotive & Industrial

Linda builds and services relationships in automotive and industrial markets nationwide. Her expertise is in selling and influencing large-scale construction projects that use collaborative delivery methods.

For 25+ years, Linda has been involved in many facets of automotive manufacturing, which gives her a deep understanding of clients’ needs. From metal stamping and the body shop to powertrain operations, Linda knows the ins and outs of an automotive plant. Her inquisitive nature and passion for research, coupled with her training and experience in lean manufacturing, gives her an in-road to the new automotive technology space, where she is building new relationships in an ever-expanding market.

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David Thomack

Chief Operating Officer

David is a 30-year veteran of the construction industry who joined Boldt in 2005 and now serves as Chief Operating Officer. David has led successful transformational projects for owners across the country—including CPMC/Sutter Health, San Francisco Airport, the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Sacred Heart/St. Mary’s Health System. His construction background includes commercial, public sector, healthcare, aviation, and science and technology.

David’s experience with operational excellence, strategic visioning, process implementation and Integrated Lean Project Delivery® has made him a leader in creating and managing successful, collaborative teams in the construction industry.

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Scott Frazer

Vice President of Corporate Safety

Scott influences company-wide safety performance, establishing and communicating best practices and standards. He also works closely with trade partners to achieve excellence in safety performance across all operating groups and projects. He has a strong background in policy and procedure best practices and enjoys coaching personnel to grow professionally. Scott also provides valuable insights to guide strategic planning on corporate, operational and project levels.

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Jonathan Ballmer

Area Manager

Based in Boldt’s Cloquet, Minnesota, office Jonathan develops and nurtures key relationships with clients, partners and suppliers in the northern Minnesota region. Prior to joining the business development team, Jonathan worked in project management and virtual design coordination for several area contractors. His experience on construction projects across their lifespan gives him a unique perspective and ability to create exceptional client experiences.

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Mark Osten

Vice President of Business and Project Development

Mark develops and nurtures key relationships with clients, partners and suppliers in the power and energy sector across the U.S. as part of Boldt’s National Power and Industrial division. With 20+ years of experience in the power, energy and renewable energy sector, Mark is a key resource to Boldt clients, helping achieve exceptional project experiences, no matter where in the U.S. they are located.

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Casey Demers

Business Development Director

Casey leads our client engagement, sales, and growth initiatives for our central and northern Wisconsin markets. She plays a significant role in our client-centered culture, building strong relationships and partnerships, while engaging as brand ambassador in the communities we serve. Casey helps lead our strategic vision through creativity, innovation and engagement and has spent the majority of her career within the built environment—including the interior design space. Her experience and insight help her create meaningful engagements with our clients and design partners.

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Klas Berghede

Vice President of Production and Innovation

Klas is a leader in industrialized construction, Integrated Lean Project Delivery® and prefabrication/modular construction. Throughout his 10+-year career with Boldt, Klas has helped lead the development of our innovative prefabrication manufacturing capability, pushing Boldt to the forefront of the industry in prefabrication and modular construction. He works closely with Boldt clients and project teams to help develop prefabrication plans that align with the clients’ needs, implementing the solutions in the field, and overseeing the prefabrication production.

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Cody Mosley

Director of Business Development

Based in Boldt’s Oklahoma office, Cody’s work centers around creating strategic partnerships and attracting new investment opportunities in and around Oklahoma. His strong background in economic development provides critical insight into a number of client industries. He is a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) and has maintained roles in municipal government, higher education, and nonprofit organizations. He believes Boldt’s future in OKC includes supporting the growing aerospace and biotech sectors. Cody is always on the hunt for data that supports business development efforts and innovative design techniques that deliver client success.

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Heidi Matancsi

Vice President of Business Development–Real Estate Division

As Director of Business Development for Boldt’s healthcare real estate development division, Heidi is responsible for developing and cultivating relationships with current and potential clients, as well as growing the brand nationally. Over the years, she has helped countless healthcare entities enter new markets or add needed services in their communities. Heidi also oversees leasing activities for hospitals and third-party tenants from first contact through move-in.

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Jason Krueger

General Manager – Rochester & Vice President

Jason leads the operations for Boldt’s Rochester, Minnesota office. Jason is a seasoned veteran of the construction industry, with an established track record of managing large, complex projects in diverse sectors, from healthcare to heavy industrial. Jason has played a key role in Boldt’s introduction to the highly specialized proton therapy market, establishing Boldt as a national leader in proton therapy equipment installation.

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Steve Lind

General Manager of Western Operations and Vice President

As Vice President and General Manager for Boldt’s western operations, Steve is responsible for the financial success and growth strategies of our Sacramento and San Francisco offices. Since joining Boldt in 2006, Steve has held a variety of roles, with including financial management for large, complex projects in the healthcare, higher education, commercial and industrial market sectors. His experience with process implementation and integrated project delivery has made him a leader in establishing successful collaborative teams.

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Trevor Lord

Director of Business Development

Trevor is a natural generator of strategic relationships. Based in our Appleton, Wisconsin, office Trevor is focused on representing Boldt within community groups and forming new key business partnerships. He has held positions in strategic planning, innovation, and business development for construction and architecture firms in the Midwest and Boston. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and studied innovation strategy through Harvard Business School HBX. This unique blend of design education and strategy positions him as an asset to customers looking for a valued partner to solve their business needs.

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Rob Branyan

Vice President of Labor Relations

As Vice President of Labor Relations, Rob directly supervises all aspects of Boldt’s labor relations program including planning, developing, coordinating, and implementing labor relations policies and procedures, which include negotiating contracts and achieving bargaining goals. As a strategic business partner for union and workforce development, Rob leads diverse craft staffing initiatives and provides creative solutions where labor relations shortages and challenges exist. Rob’s experience comes from three decades of collective bargaining on both the contractor and union side as well as previously holding numerous Union positions.

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Melanie Taylor

Vice President - Self-Perform

Melanie provides companywide oversight for Boldt’s Self-Perform Operations across a variety of markets. Since joining Boldt in 2005, Melanie has quickly developed and cemented a reputation as a forward-thinking leader, embracing innovation and promoting collaborative team environments. Having demonstrated strong leadership and mastery of various delivery methods, especially CMAR and IPD, across multiple sectors and geographies, she has shown herself to be a dedicated promoter of Lean construction, a savvy problem solver, and a fierce advocate for clients’ goals. As a business leader, Mel focuses on relationships and results for Boldt’s clients and partners.

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John Huggett

Vice President – Central Operations

An exceptional communicator and strategist, John leads project execution and general strategy for Boldt’s Central Operations offices in the Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee markets. His vision and construction experience helps create understanding and alignment across both groups. The result is a team that is engaged and aligned toward a single goal — exceeding expectations. From financial management to on-site safety and quality programs, John helps teams foresee and avoid pitfalls, recognize opportunities, and maintain focus.

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Randy Haak

Chief Legal Officer

As Chief Legal Officer, Randy will lead The Boldt Group on all corporate legal matters, including corporate structure, ethics programs, insurance and governance, the Boldt ESOP, mergers and acquisitions, risk training, mentoring and licensing.

Randy brings with him a wide range of legal counsel experience with a concentration on construction law, banking and finance law, and employment and discrimination law. He has been lead counsel on more than 25 bank mergers and acquisitions, and advised employers on a wide variety of personnel matters and regulatory compliance issues and has negotiated many employment contracts.

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Nathan Johnson

General Counsel

As General Counsel, Nathan has primary responsibility for legal matters pertaining to the company’s operations including oversight and support of Boldt’s project and commercial contracts, joint ventures, project claims, and litigation matters.

Additionally, he will provide strategic support on various company initiatives related to Boldt’s risk management function and other corporate strategic initiatives.

The Boldt Group Board of Directors: Tom Boldt – Chairman, Bob DeKoch, Randy Haak, Jim Rossmeissl, Dave Kievet, Jim Kleinfeldt, Lisa Cohen