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Conventional Electric Power Plant Construction

Reliability in power plant construction

power plant construction - view from catwalk

An always-on industry requires an all-in construction partner

Changing energy demands. Rising costs. Outdated infrastructure. Utilities, businesses and public entities need efficient, reliable power generation infrastructure, running at peak performance, to power what matters most and support the new fleet of renewable power assets. They need electric power plant construction built for uninterrupted power generation, today and tomorrow.

Electric power plant overview
Initial framing on electric power plant construction

In electrical power plant construction, one builds boldly

From natural gas- and coal-fired power plant projects to biomass and geothermal energy construction, Boldt has the logistics know-how, in-house expertise and all-grit-no-quit work ethic to deliver infrastructure to meet power generation demands, into the future.

Natural gas-fired plant construction
Worker on JLG scissors lift to work on exterior metal structure Alliant Energy – Marshalltown Generating Station

Natural gas plant construction

As the world moves away from oil and coal-powered electricity generation, natural gas has become an important part of the energy mix—according to the IEA, nearly 25%. Boldt is a leading natural gas power plant construction company, experienced at power plant construction, expansion, maintenance and retrofits, from fuel flexible reciprocating engines to natural gas simple and combined cycle.

Coal-fired power plants
Upward angled view of exterior of power plant building Dairyland Power Cooperative – JP Madgett Station, Unit 6

Coal-fired power plant projects

Even as the focus grows globally for alternatives to traditional solid fuels, demand is increasing to modernize existing power generation facilities—with clean coal at the top of the list. Our experience with coal-fired and other conventional fuel plant construction, including power plant maintenance, retrofits and conversions, means you get safe, affordable, efficient facilities that meet modern environmental standards.

Biomass power plants
WE Energies - Biomass Fuel Cogeneration Facility - View of Structural Steel Erection from Cranes during Construction We Energies – Biomass Fueled Cogeneration Facility

Biomass power plant projects

Few generation methods are as sustainable as biomass power plants—often fueled by municipal solid waste, sustainable lumber or scrap byproduct materials from paper or lumber mill manufacturing. Tap Boldt to deliver all aspects of biomass power plant construction, from biogas digesters to baghouses.

power plant construction - two workers in scissor lift working on building

Delivering power plant projects on demand

When clients choose Boldt for their power generation construction needs, they get generations of industry experience from Lean construction leaders to maximize efficiency. Along with our construction management and general contracting services, we have in-house engineering support and highly trained tradespeople to put the work into place, making Boldt as your new turnkey power plant construction company partner, power plant retrofits and power plant maintenance.

Electrical power plant projects begin with Boldt

For generations, Boldt has built a reputation as a true partner in helping meet electric power demands. Our experienced team delivers future-ready power plant projects.

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Ready for an electric power plant construction company that builds boldly? Let’s talk.