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Prefabrication and Modular Construction

Leading the industrialized construction revolution

Modular unit being lifted into place by a crane at the Aurora Grafton construction site

Customized prefabrication and modular construction solutions

When studies show most large construction projects go 20% longer than estimated—and run up to 80% over budget—it’s time for construction that challenges the norms. Prefabrication and Modular construction are a reality-tested approach for better project outcomes—from budget reliability to safety and faster speed to market.

Experience a full range of modular building and prefab construction solutions

From prefabrication in commercial construction to modular construction of in-patient units and hospitals, owners are turning to Boldt for prefabrication and modular solutions as part of a turnkey approach to building. With services from site preparation to fabrication, connection, completion and commissioning, Boldt delivers. 

prefabrication construction and modular construction

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“Prefabrication” and “modular construction” are used to describe the type of work being done under the industrialized construction banner. Simplified, industrialized construction brings a manufacturing mindset to construction components and subassemblies. The benefits: improvements in safety, productivity, quality, speed and performance, while maximizing resources like materials and labor.

Off-site fabrication

Concrete formwork. Hospital room headwalls. Truss systems. Single- and multi-trade assemblies. When you have an innovative construction partner well-versed in prefabrication, the opportunities to prefabricate are seemingly endless. Moving key components and assemblies off the job site and into a controlled environment brings many benefits: consistent high quality, shorter construction durations and safer job sites. And because prefabrication can be completed at the same time as other construction work, finished components can be stored until they’re needed, reducing on-site storage space. Learn More

prefabrication construction - Boldt employees building modular unit
As a modular construction company Boldt works on numerous projects.

Modular construction

Modular prefabrication is done off-site, under controlled manufacturing conditions, using the same materials and designed to the same codes and standards, as conventional construction. Multi-sided modules are constructed, shipped to site, put on foundations and connected.

Volumetric modular construction

A subset of modular construction, volumetric construction, is the construction of fully enclosed, six-sided modules. Constructed in an off-site, factory-like setting, volumetric modules can be easily arranged or stacked in a number of configurations for maximum ease and efficiency.

Boldt being a company leader in prefabricated and modular construction, holds modular unit being installed by crane outside a hospital

Game-changing modular and prefab construction

Prefabrication and modular services can revolutionize how construction is planned and delivered. While the concept of prefabrication isn’t new in construction, our commitment to pushing beyond the boundaries of other firms, with in-house design integration expertise for innovative, custom solutions, has established Boldt as a leader in the industry. Boldt’s industrialized construction approach offers reliable, predictable budgets, speed to market and safety—changing what’s possible in construction. 

Build the future with modular and prefabricated construction

With multiple prefab facilities and in-house integrated design experts, Boldt leads the way in modular and prefabrication construction. From industry-leading, award-winning, off-the-shelf STAATMod® and VaxMod modular medical buildings to custom prefabrication across markets, Boldt’s prefabrication capabilities help clients meet goals faster. 

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A leader in Prefabrication and modular construction   

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Project delivery in the continental U.S.

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Custom and off-the-shelf prefabrication solutions

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In-house design integration experts

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Full-scale volumetric modular manufacturing capabilities

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