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Aurora Medical Center – Grafton

Healthcare Construction Management - Modular Construction Service

Boldt partnered with Advocate Aurora Health to deliver a new 16-bed medical observation unit addition to the existing medical center. The scope of this project included remodeling work within the existing hospital to prepare for a traditionally constructed connector to the new modular hospital wing. The fully structural volumetric modular building added 16 observation rooms, two staff support areas, patient bathrooms, staff toilet rooms, soiled and clean utility, equipment storage, medication room, nourishment alcove, P-Tube station, AHU mechanical yard and I.T., and water and electrical rooms.

To meet the client’s aggressive schedule and prefabrication goals, Boldt, along with our design partner, prefabricated the building in 24 modular units in two prefabrication facilities in less than 5 weeks. Once completed, the modular units were transported to the site and set on the new foundation in four days. Kicking off DfMA (Design for Manufacturing) development in January of 2021 and arriving at Substantial Completion in August of 2021, the integrated project team was able to provide a fully furnished, code compliant building in less than eight months, for a 66% improvement on a traditional 18–24-month design / construction schedule. See More


Advocate Aurora Health

Grafton, Wisconsin


Boldt Role
  • Integrated Lean Project Delivery®
  • Prefabrication and Modular Construction
  • Virtual Design and Construction
  • Self-perform Construction
Project Type
New Construction / Expansion
Project Size
8,000 SF


Project Highlights

  • Produced in a controlled environment, from structural frame to final finishes, the prefabricated modules are of a predictably high quality that transcends conventional construction in precision, infection control and fire / life safety compliance required by healthcare settings.
  • The deep integration of the project team in this paradigm-shifting project delivery methodology maximized the Integrated Lean Project Delivery culture and leveraged the unique expertise of innovative team members to execute the first of its kind—fully integrated volumetric modular solution with seamless and rapid installation and commissioning at the project site.