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Business Leaders

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Beth Melchi

Business Development Director—National Healthcare

In her role, Beth works to grow and develop relationships with prospective and current healthcare clients nationwide, helping position Boldt as the builder of choice for large and regional healthcare systems. She brings more than 30+ years of operational experience in healthcare, leading complex construction projects for several major healthcare systems.

Her experience with clients gives her unique insight into the challenges  healthcare providers face, and how Boldt can help meet their needs.

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Jay Grosskopf

General Manager—Technical Services & Executive Vice President

Jay leads Boldt Technical Services, backed by more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry. He leads Boldt’s in-house team of architects and engineers, providing design and construction technology services to our operating groups and partners, as well as design, programming and design management services to our clients. Since joining Boldt in 1988, Jay has delivered many successful projects with the highest level of client satisfaction.

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John Heck

General Manager—National Power and Industrial & Executive Vice President

John leads Boldt’s National Power and Industrial division, overseeing operations for some of our most technical and specialized projects, nationwide. With more than 35+ years of experience with Boldt, John brings a depth and diversity of experience in construction, and a strong reputation for promoting internal continuous improvement and achieving consistent client satisfaction.

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Scott Clark

Vice President of Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development for Boldt’s National Power and Industrial group, Scott is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of national sales and marketing activities within the industrial, power and manufacturing sectors. As part of the Boldt leadership team since 2005, Scott possesses a unique understanding of the business side of construction and design. His expertise includes the exploration and development of key-market growth strategies and understanding emerging technologies as they relate to Boldt clients and their opportunities. Through Scott’s involvement in various industry market sector groups he has developed a keen awareness of owner advocacy issues.

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Linda Rosati

Vice President of Business Development

Linda builds and services relationships in automotive and industrial markets nationwide. Her expertise is in selling and influencing large-scale construction projects that use collaborative delivery methods.

For 25+ years, Linda has been involved in many facets of automotive manufacturing, which gives her a deep understanding of clients’ needs. From metal stamping and the body shop to powertrain operations, Linda knows the ins and outs of an automotive plant. Her inquisitive nature and passion for research, coupled with her training and experience in lean manufacturing, gives her an in-road to the new automotive technology space, where she is building new relationships in an ever-expanding market.

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Mark Miller

Director of Project Development

With a foundation in civil engineering and construction management, Mark’s expertise encompasses a wide range of market sectors including dam removals, environmental contamination sites, river restoration, and general contracting for recreational, retail, commercial and institutional facilities. The last decade of his career has been dedicated to the energy sector including transmission/distribution electrical systems, wind farm and solar construction. At Boldt, Mark’s vision aligns with promoting sustainable energy solutions, championing the transition to EV, biogas, and hydrogen technologies.

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Mark Osten

Vice President of Business and Project Development

Mark develops and nurtures key relationships with clients, partners and suppliers in the power and energy sector across the U.S. as part of Boldt’s National Power and Industrial division. With 20+ years of experience in the power, energy and renewable energy sector, Mark is a key resource to Boldt clients, helping achieve exceptional project experiences, no matter where in the U.S. they are located.

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Klas Berghede

Vice President of Production and Innovation

Klas is a leader in industrialized construction, Integrated Lean Project Delivery® and prefabrication/modular construction. Throughout his 10+-year career with Boldt, Klas has helped lead the development of our innovative prefabrication manufacturing capability, pushing Boldt to the forefront of the industry in prefabrication and modular construction. He works closely with Boldt clients and project teams to help develop prefabrication plans that align with the clients’ needs, implementing the solutions in the field, and overseeing the prefabrication production.

The Boldt Group Board of Directors: Tom Boldt – Chairman, Bob DeKoch, Randy Haak, Jim Rossmeissl, Dave Kievet