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Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties Global Dairy Plant Construction with Process Facility Interior

Milk Specialties Global (MSG) has been a pioneer in the development of high-quality science-based nutritional ingredients. Boldt’s role and scope of work included the renovation of the existing process space to accommodate the installation of new equipment to produce whey protein concentrate.

The project included the installation of new intake and filtration rooms, owner’s equipment, sewer main and grease trap. The work consisted of demolition, removal of concrete floors, installation of new sanitary drains and pouring new sloped concrete floors. Boldt also installed new IMP wall panel filtration equipment, urethane flooring, fabrication and erection of pipe support frames and FRP ceilings in the new facility.


Milk Specialties Global

Salt Lake City, Utah
Boldt Role
General Contractor
Project Type
Renovation / New Equipment installation

Food and Beverage

Project Highlights

  • Renovation of the existing process space accommodated the installation of new equipment.
  • Project work included the demolition, removal and pouring of new concrete floors.
  • The team was not only responsible for the construction of the project but also the coordination of all owner’s subcontractors.