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Coating Excellence International

Coating Excellence International - Construction Equipment Hoists Equipment

Like many Wisconsin towns and villages, Wrightstown has seen an influx in industrial, retail and banking companies in recent years. Coating Excellence International (now ProAmpac) is one of the area’s largest employers. The company specializes in wide-web printing, extrusion coating and laminating of film, foil, paper and nonwovens.

Boldt has a long-established working relationship with Coating Excellence. We are their preferred equipment installer, successfully completing more than 100 individual projects over the years.

A partial project list includes:

• Installation of no.2 extruders

• Emergency assistance-motor breakdown changeouts, etc.

• Install rewinder

• Optical alignment services

• Lift table foundations and installation

• Remove printing station

• Install roll handling equipment

• Rewinder modifications

• Laminator installation

• Install overhead crane

• Move up-ender

• Move automation unit

• Installation of no.3 printer and associated pit frames

• Unloading rewinder and laminator equipment

• Install Enercon treater

• Install no.4 printing press

• No. 201 extruder installation


Coating Excellence International

Wrightstown, Wisconsin
Boldt Role
  • Self-perform Construction
  • Boldt Technical Services
Project Type
Special Projects

Industrial and Specialty Manufacturing
Pulp and Paper

Project Highlights

  • Coating Excellence has had five major expansions and Boldt has played an active role in all of them.