Construction Industry Provides Great Opportunity for Women

By Jenni Wedman

The word “construction” calls to mind images of dirt, bulldozers and men in bright orange safety vests. From a cultural perspective, construction is frequently reinforced as a male-dominated industry. However, it’s important to recognize women play a valuable role in construction, and their skills are needed now more than ever.

More construction projects are underway, but an influx of new workers is needed to keep pace with demand. In fact, the industry needs to hire more than 500,000 workers in 2023 to meet building expectations. This shortage is an opportunity for women to enter a rapidly growing field and earn significant benefits.

The construction industry boasts one of the workforce’s smallest gender pay gaps. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women in construction earn about 95% of what men make compared to an average 81% in all other industries.

Plus, the construction industry requires varied skillsets. Skilled trade workers are needed, but there are also opportunities in administration, project management, marketing, human resources, accounting and more. While these individuals may not be on construction sites daily, their contributions certainly keep the work moving.

The industry also offers unlimited potential for advancement. I studied psychology in college and never imagined I’d one day work in construction. Boldt’s career tools helped me transition my skill set, first working as a receptionist and now as an assistant project manager in an industrial automotive setting. It requires a desire to learn and grow, but I’ve seen many female colleagues similarly succeed in this field.

Jenni Wedman is an assistant project manager at The Boldt Company where she has worked for 15 years. She has worked in the construction industry for 17 years.

Women and young girls who are weighing options for their futures: I strongly encourage you to consider construction. The industry will thrive with more diversity of thought, and the opportunities are endless.

Construction industry leaders: I urge you to create environments to empower women and encourage them to pursue leadership positions. By doing so, you will benefit from the unique perspectives and skillsets women bring to the industry.

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