Ariana Alvear Joins AUTODESK to Talk Lean Construction

Boldt’s Senior Production Manager Ariana Alvear discusses lean construction tools in The Autodesk “Digital Builder Podcast”. Alvear explains that lean construction is a smoother and more reliable system of delivering a project that adds value to all stakeholders involved and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication in implementing lean practices. She also discusses how technology can be used to automate processes and improve communication, but emphasizes the continued importance of human involvement and a collaborative mindset in construction. Hit the play button to watch and listen to the podcast.

About The Boldt Company
The Boldt Company (Boldt) is a leading professional construction services firm with customers across the United States and is a subsidiary of The Boldt Group. Founded in 1889, Boldt is a fourth-generation family and employee-owned firm headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin. Boldt is recognized as a pioneer in Lean construction and in the industrialized construction space. Boldt operates 18 offices across the U.S. that serve customers in healthcare, power, industrial, education, automotive and commercial markets.