Celebrating 25 Years At Boldt

Throughout the last month, Boldt has commemorated the service of its employees who have reached the significant milestone of 25 years with the company in 2022. Congratulations to these four “Boldt Builders”.

Brent Morgan, Controller – Oklahoma City

Brent shares his positive experience working on the Maps Ballpark project in Oklahoma City, which he found exciting and rewarding. He also talks about his career progression at Boldt, starting as a project manager and then moving in to other roles such as procurement manager, manager of risk and project financial management, and eventually becoming controller. He praises the people and leadership at Boldt and emphasizes the importance of taking pride in being a team member on construction projects.

Rich Balck, Crane Operator – Appleton

Rich talks about his background in operating tractors and how he fell in love with construction equipment. He then joined Boldt and learned about cranes through classes and hands-on experience. Rich shares his most meaningful project, which was the Performing Arts Center in Appleton, where he worked for almost two years. He also talks about his pride in maintaining a good safety record, and how Boldt is a safety-conscious company.

Maria Wetzel, Senior Accountant – Appleton

Maria started as an administrative assistant and worked her way up to become an accountant. She values the people and flexibility at Boldt, which allowed her to balance her work and family responsibilities. Wetzel also serves on the United Way committee and has been involved in planning their events for the past 20 years. Her most memorable job duty was transcribing stories from Oscar Boldt’s childhood. Overall, she describes her time at Boldt as fulfilling and highlights the company’s community-oriented culture.

Nick Loughrin, Group Manager, Project Delivery Services – Corporate

Nick talks about his family’s history with Boldt and his own career path. He discusses his early memories of visiting job sites with his father, starting as an intern, and working his way up to his current position. Nick goes down memory lane about a project at Akron Children’s Hospital, where his own children ended up being part of the art for the hospital. Overall, Loughrin describes Boldt as a “family” and speaks to the company’s culture.

Congratulations on 25 years, and here’s to many more years of success and growth!

About The Boldt Company
The Boldt Company (Boldt) is a leading professional construction services firm with customers across the United States and is a subsidiary of The Boldt Group. Founded in 1889, Boldt is a fourth-generation family and employee-owned firm headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin. Boldt is recognized as a pioneer in Lean construction and in the industrialized construction space. Boldt operates 18 offices across the U.S. that serve customers in healthcare, power, industrial, education, automotive and commercial markets.