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Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital – Proton Therapy Equipment Installation

Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital - Proton Therapy Equipment Installation - Equipment Hoist Exterior from Driveway

Proton / Particle Therapy is a highly specialized offering on the forefront of the fight against cancer, with fewer than 40 centers nationwide. After being hired by Johns Hopkins Medicine to install Proton Beam Therapy Equipment into their newly erected facility in Washington D.C., Hitachi America engaged Boldt to provide the rigging, equipment installation and alignment services. Boldt’s scope also included the installation of mechanical piping and electrical installations.

Boldt installed the highly sensitive and specialized Proton Beam Therapy equipment within seven major areas in the Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial facility. This includes three 360-degree gantries, each weighing approximately 262,000 pounds, one fixed-beam room, one accelerator room, a beam corridor, electrical control rooms and electrical power supply rooms with a total of 373,000 feet of cable.


Hitachi North America

Washington D.C.

Hitachi America

Boldt Role
  • Self-perform Construction
  • Boldt Technical Services
Project Type
Equipment Installation


Project Highlights

  • Boldt mobilized on site one month prior to starting major equipment installations. This provided an opportunity for collaborative planning between Boldt, Hitachi and the building contractor. It also allowed Boldt to proactively start preparation work activities and layout prior to equipment deliveries.
  • Boldt developed rigging plans for every piece of equipment installed in each gantry room. This required a high level of collaboration with the Hitachi America Team, Boldt Project Team and Boldt Engineering Team.