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Roman Nose State Park Lodge

Roman Nose State Park - Entrance

Situated overlooking the canyon at Oklahoma’s popular Roman Nose State Park is the Roman Nose State Park Lodge. Originally constructed in the 1950s, the lodge has been updated and expanded several times over the years to continue to meet the needs of guests. After much of the Lodge was badly damaged in a severe storm, Boldt was selected to complete a significant renovation and expansion project, modernizing the facility for a new generation of visitors.

Included in the project was the renovation of 20 guest rooms, with new flooring, ceilings, casework and bathrooms, as well as renovation of the convention room, shared kitchen and meeting rooms. Expanding the lodge included adding two ADA-accessible guest rooms, front entrance, lobby, office suite and a patio.


Roman Nose State Park

Watonga, Oklahoma


Boldt Role
General Contractor
Project Type
Renovation and Expansion

Community / Cultural / Religious

Project Highlights

  • The landscape surrounding the lodge was significantly upgraded to feature native plants.
  • In addition to construction, Boldt managed the purchase and installation of $750,000 in furniture and equipment.