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St. Olaf College – Student Housing Development

St. Olaf College - Residence Hall Construction Event - Tom Boldt Speakss on Stage

Currently under construction, Boldt is working with St. Olaf College on the development of a new 100,000 SF, 300-bed residence hall, largely comprising double occupancy dormitory rooms. The design of the residence hall focuses on providing more independent living for older students, featuring multiple shared kitchens, lounges, study areas and living space to allow students to engage in more social activities within the residence hall. The project also includes 14 duplexes for upperclassmen, called Honor Homes, that will house another 10 beds per duplex.

Trade partners were brought on early during Schematic Design, working in a design-assist environment to help complete design. In order to better facilitate prefabrication, all building components were modeled using BIM.


St. Olaf College

Northfield, Minnesota

Workshop Architects

Boldt Role
  • Construction Manager
  • General Contractor
  • Virtual Design and Construction
Project Type
New Construction
Project Size
100,000 SF


Project Highlights

  • The residence hall is designed to maximize prefabrication to reduce the construction schedule and required manpower on site, as well as minimize the impact to the campus lifestyle during school.
  • Boldt is leading the prefabrication efforts and planning, with various components being prefabricated at our off-site production facility.