Construction Safety at Heights

Release Date: 11/08/2019 | AGC - CONSTRUCTORMAGAZINE.COM

The very top of a construction project may have the biggest impact on a company’s bottom line. Workers for The Boldt Company, a member of multiple AGC chapters, routinely work 120-130 feet in the air on large power and industrial plant jobsites and the slightest misstep could result in personal injury and devastating losses to the families, communities, customers and all subcontractors. Ensuring safety at extreme heights is a top priority for the construction services company; so much so that Boldt has never been removed from a job due to any safety concerns.

Robust safety programs are pay-to-play for power customers, but ensuring safety on a daily basis for thousands of workers across the United States takes more than slogans–safety depends on collaboration, education, and innovation. In 2018, Boldt maintained a total incident rate well below the construction industry average of 3.1. Much of the specialized work on large plants is self-performed, and Boldt teams consider working on steel beams high over the jobsite all in a day’s work.