Boldt Creates an Innovation Task Force to Speed up Safe Opening of Jobsites, 14 Offices

Release Date: 06/22/2020 | The Boldt Company | Building Design + Construction

Software and high-tech cameras get Boldt crews back in their offices and back on the job.

When physical distancing put a wrench in the personalized give and take of building complicated structures, The Boldt Company relied on innovation and a creative use of technology to reopen its 14 national offices and dozens of jobsites.

The task force identified issues for operations, safety, technology, different geographic markets, and assigned a leader for each topic. Team members identified issues such as split work schedules, team members who would continue to work from home, varying state requirements, and even the mood of their teams. “We developed a set of guiding principles within our reopening framework to provide direction for our operating groups to figure out how they want to function,” Lichtig said.

The company created a task force to address facilities and technology, then tapped experts in its own technical services division to pull together a center of excellence to address reopening. “We quickly accessed the best thinking in the industry to address all the issues surrounding reopening,” said Will Lichtig, Boldt’s Executive Vice President, Performance & Innovation.