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DNR Regional Headquarters & Service Center

DNR Regional Headquarters and Service Center Exterior at Dusk from Prairie

Previously operating out of four separately leased spaces, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Department of Transportation engaged Boldt to construct a new facility to house both departments, as well as a full-scale service building. The office portion of the complex comprises roughly 35,000 SF, houses up to 156 DNR employees, and includes private and open office plans, conference and break rooms and an archival storage area.

The ~14,000 SF service building houses the DOT’s operations for the installation and maintenance of auto radios. The service building also includes a radio frequency (RF) shielded room for testing, a designated room for handling caustic chemicals and a cold storage area with large overhead bay doors.

The facility features a number of innovative sustainable concepts and design elements, focusing on air quality, daylighting, recycled construction waste, locally sourced and sustainable building materials, smart energy sources and approximately seven acres of native landscape. As a result of these sustainable building features, the project achieved LEED–Gold certification, exceeding its original goal of LEED–Silver.


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Howard, Wisconsin

Berners-Schober Architects

Boldt Role
  • Construction Manager
  • General Contractor
  • Sustainable/LEED-certified
Project Type
New Construction
Project Size
48,395 SF
LEED® Certification

Municipal and Public Sector
Corporate Office

Project Highlights

  • Boldt oversaw LEED certification efforts throughout construction, enabling the project to exceed its original goal of LEED–Silver certification and achieve LEED–Gold status.
  • 86.6% of all construction waste was recycled and diverted from landfills.
  • The project received recognitions and awards for sustainability and quality, including the Midwest Construction Best-Of award for design, the Governor’s Award for Sustainable Design and Construction, the AGC’s Build Wisconsin Award for Environmental Excellence and the Wisconsin Building Top Project award.