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Leeward Renewable Energy – Lone Tree Wind Farm

Lone Tree Wind Farm Construction Project Field of Turbines at Sunset

Lone Tree Wind Farm is an 80 MW development owned and operated by Leeward Renewable Energy. Boldt provided preconstruction budgeting, permitting and engineering services, then procurement and construction of the civil and electrical infrastructure and erection of 29 GE 2.8-127 wind turbine generators at 89 meter hub heights and 3 GE 2.3-116 wind turbine generators at 80 meter hub heights. Work included engineering and construction of the public road improvements, turbine access roads and crossings, crane pads and paths, turbine foundations, turbine erection and met tower. Boldt coordinated engineering and construction planning for the electrical infrastructure which was ultimately constructed under a separate contract between Leeward and Michels Power. That work included installation of the energy collection system, generation tie line, a 2.5 mile 138 kV generation tie line and a 138 kV substation.

Boldt’s work included supporting Leeward’s efforts with Bureau County and their engineer for the upgrade, maintenance, and post-construction repair of their public roads. This is an extremely important effort in all counties across the state of Illinois, and critical to maintaining the project schedule.


Leeward Renewable Energy

Bureau County, Illinois

Boldt Technical Services / Leeward Renewable Energy

Boldt Role
  • General Contractor
  • Boldt Technical Services
  • Virtual Design and Construction
Project Type
New Construction
Project Size

Renewable Energy

Project Highlights

  • Coordinated the team of Boldt and Michels Power to seamlessly execute the work.
  • Teamed with Leeward to work with Bureau County to allow a phased start of work to allow Leeward to meet a very tight front-end schedule, which allowed turbine deliveries to occur without impact to the GE schedule and without demurrage costs to occur.
  • Achieved project completion ahead of schedule.